Professional Series LED Landscape Lighting Systems are on the
cutting edge of lighting technology and provide numerous benefits:
Cost: LED landscape lighting can save you up to 80% in outdoor lighting energy
costs per year (the average energy cost is only $1 per year per fixture).
Zero Heat: LED illumination produces next to no infrared heat which does not
attract pests, including Louisiana's mosquitoes.
Beautification: Outdoor lighting adds a sense of drama to the landscape and
architectural features of your home, bringing outdoor spaces to life after dark.   
Durability: LED lights are built with the most sturdy, rugged components that
can withstand even the roughest outdoor conditions.
Security: It is a proven fact that a well lit landscape and home will deter
potential intruders by eliminating dark areas and shadows.
NEW!!!  We also offer our top quality fixtures with LED bulbs that have the
ability to be programmed to change colors on demand by remote control!
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