Do you Really want Artificial Grass? Pro and Cons

Over the last year i have been getting calls about doing Artificial turf. I did some investigating and have come to the conclusion i”m NOT a fan of Artificial turf. Let’s start with the PROS:

* It does good in shaded areas that have a hard time growing grass* Attractive year around* No watering* No pesticides* No lawn cutting* There are also other obvious benefits not mentioned. * It’s basically outdoor carpet that endures the elements ( some what). It does have its place in my opinion under covered areas. Believe me i’ve read countless articles on this stuff. It looks great period!

For me it seems CONS far outweigh the benefits. First off you are looking around $25 Sq ft to install properly. Let’s say your backyard is 20’x30′ = 600 Sq ft will cost you about $15,000 and has a life expectancy of 8-15 Yrs(depends on quality of product / with proper installation could go longer) with required care. Artificial turf is not an install and forget it product. Beware most people are not installing properly. A average REAL lawn front and back will cost you about $7000 and is best for the environment( I know it has it’s share of problems with pests and fungus) . I also noticed that drainage is a real concern with Artificial turf. Some Installers are NOT including drainage with their installations. You don’t want water sitting under this turf as it will cause problems with the base. Pet waste must be hosed regularly as it does NOT go through Synthetic lawn real easy and will smell. Bottomline your Synthetic turf will end up in a landfill after it has run it’s life expectancy and you will be calling for that REAL BEAUTIFUL LAWN you should have gotten. 

Hopefully i have given you some good information on Synthetic lawns and you can make an educated choice. Good luck!

****For the record this is my educated opinion****

Let’s Keep It Real ( I thought that was funny)

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