Spring Garden

This customer needed a new landscape and reached out to us for our design expertise to develop a new look for her home. After a consultation and we conduct a site analysis to assess the existing landscaping and determine what changes needed to be made. This includes evaluating soil quality, drainage and sunlight exposure. After site analysis we then design gardens and take into consideration the customers vision and any other factors that may impact design.

A detailed plan will be created that includes the placement of all plants as well as pictures of each plant proposed in design.Once design is approved, we can begin the installation process. This includes preparing soil ( we provide a soil test )and adding necessary amendments as needed to have a nutrient rich soil so all plants thrive.

We install / fertilize all materials in accordance with LA Dept of Agriculture and Forestry guidelines. All gardens are mulched after planting is complete. We can provide ongoing maintenance or we can show you how to properly maintain your new landscape yourself which includes watering, fertilizing, pruning and any other necessary tasks. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure their vision is brought to life and expectations have been exceeded.

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