Garden Cleanup & Renovation of Metairie

Trim Shrubs and Trees

Garden cleanup metairie

We will trim shrubs, trees and remove all weeds. All debris is hauled off from site.

Organic Topsoil

Garden soil metairie

We use only the best organic soil to ensure your plants do their best. Once your garden is cleared, we spread soil throughout to raise them to the appropriate level. We also re-define the garden's edge.

Spread Grade A Cypress or Crushed Pine Needle

Install cypress mulch metairie

Spreading mulch is essential to maintaining moisture for your plants, as well as keeping the weeds from re-emerging.

Fertilize and Spray Insecticide on Shrubs, Annuals, and Trees

Fertilize gardens metairie

As part of our seasonal maintenance, we treat new plants as well as existing shrubs. Certain plants require special care at specific times of the year. Let our trained professionals handle it.

Sprinkler and Lighting System Checkup

Sprinkler and lighting repairs metairie

We also inspect your sprinkler and lighting systems while we are doing your landscape cleanup. Your sprinkler and lighting systems are checked for proper operation, coverage, and timer settings. Both can be repaired as needed.

Seasonal Plants, Shrubs and Trees

Landscape cleanup metairie

Cleanups also include planting seasonal color such as Pansies, Violas, Snapdragons, Alyssum, and Petunias in the fall. When spring and summer arrive, we plant Pentas, Caladiums, Victoria salvia, and Zinnia. We have access to a wide range of plants and colors to suit your tastes. 

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