Garden Cleanup & Renovation

Garden cleanup, flower, trim, mulch

These are the services we provide on a quarterly basis or as needed. Call today for an appointment!

Need to clean up your existing gardens and really don't want a total renovation? We can make it look fresh and brand new again! 

* Remove weeds

* Prune all shrubs 

* Trim trees

* Re-edge garden beds

* Add organic top soil

* Plant shrubs, annuals, and perennials

We will even bring in a few butterflies for effect (just joking!)

* Spray herbicides and insecticides to control pests

* Haul away leaves, branches and miscellaneous debris

* Spread Grade A cypress or crushed pine needle mulch

* FertIlize shrubs

* Check the sprinkler and lighting systems and make necessary repairs or modifications 

(Repairs extra)

No matter the condition of your property, our team can handle everything so you can enjoy a beautiful yard without any of the hassle!

Cleanup Promotion For New Customers

Let Clean Cut Landscape of Metairie perform your landscape cleanup, and if you mention our website, we will discount your invoice $50 for your first visit!