How do I Care for my Encore Azleas?

Summertime Care for Encore Azaleas

The environment plays a major role in landscape plant success. It’s not uncommon to see hot and dry conditions over the summer months. Special care should be given to achieve the best performance during these months and into the fall.

Spring growing conditions may effect Encore Azaleas during the summer months. Much of the south was cooler and wetter than a normal spring. If we have warmer than normal temperatures this summer there will be more potential for heat stress.

Azaleas generally like partial shade. When you plant them in full sun they will show stress. Maintaining optimal soil moisture is critical. Azaleas are shallow rooted and show stress much earlier than other shrubs. It is best to irrigate deeply directly on roots. Try to irrigate at the root zone and not on leaves if possible. Watering 2-3 times per week should be sufficient. Yearly soil test are also a good idea to make sure you are maintaining proper PH levels. Soil test will tell you what nutrients are needed to keep soil fertile.

Do not fertilize in summer or trim as this will stimulate new growth which places additional stress on Azaleas. You can fertilize after spring blooming is complete.

Most important is to keep a good layer of mulch around each Azalea. This will keep roots cool and maintain proper moisture in soil.

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