How do I get rid of Virginia Buttonweed?

Virginia Buttonweed is one of the worst weeds in Metairie and New Orleans. This weed is a mat forming perennial weed with white star shaped flowers. It thrives in wet lawns with poor drainage. One of the main reasons why Virginia Buttonweed is so difficult to manage is because it can reproduce by seeds, roots, and stems. Regular mowing can spread seeds throughout remaining lawn areas. Overly compacted soil also promotes Buttonweed growth. Soil Aeration is a good practice to perform on yearly basis. Bottom line the healthier you can keep your lawn the better it will keep Buttonweed issues to a minimum.  


Severe infestations may require the use of herbicides. It is best to treat Buttonweed in April, May and June before before weed has fully matured and summer heat has set in. We recommend the use of Speed Zone  or Weed Free Zone. Non selective herbicides like Roundup will not work.

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