How Much Does Landscaping Cost In Metairie and New Orleans?

Need curb appeal? Tired of that old Landscaping? Want a new Landscape design? We can help!

First off we need to discuss what encompasses Landscaping? For some its removing all existing garden beds and creating a new design and others want more features like Sprinkler Systems, Drainage, New lawn, Water features, Fire pit, Lighting and Walkways just to name a few. For this article i wanted to focus more on Landscape Design and installation. We get plenty of request from customers wanting a new landscape but do not realize what Landscaping actually costs. This is why we always need a rough budget so we can discuss designs to suit your investment.

Total makeover for front yard Landscaping Starts at $4000. We will remove all existing landscaping, reshape gardens, provide design, installation and ongoing support. Obviously you can spend more for different types of designs like formal layouts with boxwoods. It all comes back to budget. More budget equals a more elaborate design with varying heights and leaf textures and of coarse size of plants. Most front yards come in about $5000-$7000 to make it look great. (WOW the neighbors)

Fully Automatic Rainbird Sprinkler systems for front yard lawn and gardens $4350

LED Professional Landscape Lighting for front yard with 10 lights will cost $3240

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Point we are trying to make is Landscaping is all about budget and what parts of your vision are the most important to invest your money in. 

We have 35 years of Landscape planning experience. We are capable of handling all phases of your project. 

Lastly you cant get professional results with a $600 budget for Landscaping.

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