How Much Water does my Landscape need?

It’s important to keep in mind, that the intense heat of the summer makes proper watering critical during dry periods. This is especially true for newly planted landscapes and lawns.

Proper watering is a function of applying the right amount of water at the right times. When you irrigate, water thoroughly and deeply and less frequent.

If you water too often you will keep soil saturated with water and reduce oxygen availability to the root system. Watering for established plants should not be necessary more than 2 to 3 times per week.

If you are one of those ones that waters everyday lightly then your plants will develop a shallow root system. When your plants have a shallow root system then it doesn’t allow them to tap water at deeper levels during drought conditions. 

The best time to water is early morning so that water is available for plants during hottest part of the day. It also allows foliage to dry quickly so it reduces chances of getting fungus. The most effective and reliable way to water your lawn and landscape is with an underground Rainbird fully automatic sprinkler system. It can be set to come on early and really makes watering a breeze.

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