Lawn Aeration

Let Your Lawn Breathe Again!

Our specially designed machine punctures holes in compacted soil surface allowing air, fertilizers, and water to reach the root system. This is an excellent way to keep your landscaping and lawn healthy.


Compact soil prevents grass from establishing a healthy root system and keeps water and fertilizer from reaching the roots.

Walking, playing and mowing will compact soil and stress lawns. Rain and irrigation further compacts the soil, reducing air spaces where roots readily grow. Compaction is greater on heavy clay soils than on sandy soils and  it is greatest in the upper 1 to 1 1/2 inches of soil. We utilize a special Aerating machine that pokes holes in the top layer of soil to reduce soil compaction and promote root growth for healthier lawn Aeration can help relieve soil compaction, allowing your grass to grow deeper roots and make better use of water and fertilizer.

We recommend Aerating your lawn once per year in the springtime just before your first Lawn Fertilizing application “The Sod Father” wants everyone to have a beautiful green perfect lawn.

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