Watering Instructions for New Installations of Sod and Landscaping

Watering Information

*Tree, Shrub, and Annual Care:  All trees, shrubs, and annuals should be watered daily for first seven to ten days after installation.  Once established, plants should be watered every other day during spring and summer.  During fall and winter, watering plants twice a week is sufficient.  Always water the garden in the morning to avoid problems with airborne molds and mildews.  Follow up with regular manual maintenance and chemical treatments as needed.
We also provide quarterly landscape cleanup services. Give us a call to schedule.

**IMPORTANT check out link for proper timing of fertilizer treatments**

*** Duration of watering will vary depending on coverage***
       30 min to 1 hour is about average on each section

*Sod Care:  VERY IMPORTANT!  Grass must be watered within one hour after installation.  Watering is required daily for the first two weeks.  Let sprinklers run for ONE HOUR in each zone.  Do not allow the sod to dry out until union between the sod and soil surface is finally established. Due to the activity of fungi at night, it is highly recommended to water in the early morning to ensure dryness at sunset.  Also, avoid heavy use of the lawn for first thirty days after installation. You can mow your new lawn 21 days after installation. Make sure to only remove 1/3 of the blade height at each mowing. We recommend using a push bagging mower to remove all clippings. Riding mowers are heavy and can tear up your new lawn and compact soil at root level.

**WEED CONTROL **(Do not spread lawn weed herbicides on your new lawn for 1 year after installation)

We hope that you enjoy your new landscaping!

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