Rainbird Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Rainbird Sprinkler Systems offer a way to control the amount of water that your lawn and gardens receive. You can activate the irrigation system to operate on designated days and at designated times, as well as indicate how long each zone will be watered, all automatically. In addition to professionally designing and installing,  We can modify, repair, and annually service your existing irrigation system. We also install Garden Meters and Backflow Preventers for your sprinkler system. We are licensed by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture as an Irrigation Contractor (18-0134) and by the State Plumbing Board of Louisiana in Landscape Irrigation (2018 LLI 22) and Licensed Water Protection Supply in Backflow Prevention (2018069). 

*****NEW FOR 2018*****

We can now make your Rainbird Automatic Sprinkler fully operational from your cell phone and tablet!

Rainbird Water Saving Sprinkler Heads

Check out these Rainbird water saving sprinkler heads. We can install these in a new system or or even upgrade your existing sprinkler heads.

Rainbird Sprinkler System Repairs

Rainbird sprinkler repair Metairie new orleans

Is your existing Rainbird sprinkler system not working properly? We can help! Let us handle all of your repairs--broken heads, leaking valves, dry spots, adjustments, or even if you just need a lesson on how to use your system. Call today for all of your irrigation repair needs!

Repair Promotion For New Customers

Let Clean Cut Landscape repair your existing sprinkler system, and if you mention our website, we will discount your invoice $25 for your first repair!