Landscape Maintenance & Renovation

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Landscape maintenance includes keeping your landscape healthy, clean , safe, and attractive.

We bring your landscape back to beautiful! 

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These services can be provided every 2 months, seasonally or one time.

  • Prune shrubs & trees
  • Remove weeds 
  • Add organic topsoil
  • Treat shrubs with fungicide & insecticide
  • Edge flower beds
  • Mulching (Cypress or Pine needle)
  • Planting seasonal flowers
  • Fertilizing
  • Shrub replacement 
  • Haul off all debris from site and hose all work areas
  • Check sprinkler & Lighting systems (repairs extra)

Clean Cut Landscape Co. has been creating and maintaining  beautiful landscapes near you in Metairie & New Orleans since 1986


Landscape Maintenance

Trim Shrubs, Trees and Remove weeds

Trim Shrubs, Trees and Remove Weeds

We will trim shrubs, trees. vines and remove all weeds. All debris is hauled off from site.

We also provide detailed maintenance packages to keep your Metairie and New Orleans landscape looking beautiful year around.

Organic Topsoil

Organic Topsoil

We use only the best organic soil to ensure your plants do their best. Once we clean up your gardens we spread organic soil throughout to raise them to the appropriate level. We also re-define the garden’s edge.

Spread Grade A Cypress or Crushed Pine Needle

Spread Grade A Cypress or Crushed Pine Needle

Spreading mulch is essential to maintaining moisture for your plants, as well as keeping the weeds from re-emerging. Making New Orleans and Metairie Landscapes near you beautiful since 1986

Fertilize and Spray Insecticide on Shrubs, Annuals, and Trees

Fertilize and Spray Insecticide on Shrubs, Annuals and Trees

As part of our landscape maintenance , we treat new plants as well as existing shrubs with fungicide and insecticide to control diseases and pests. Certain plants require special care at specific times of the year. Let our trained professionals handle itLet our team transform your landscape in Metairie & New Orleans, LA.

Sprinkler and Lighting System Checkup

Sprinkler and Lighting System Checkup

We also inspect your sprinkler and lighting systems while we are doing your landscape maintenance and cleanup. Your sprinkler and lighting systems are checked for proper operation, coverage, and timer settings. We can also provide repairs / updates to both systems if needed. Making Metairie & New Orleans landscapes beautiful since 1986.

Seasonal Plants, Shrubs and Trees

Seasonal Plants, Shrubs and Trees

Landscape maintenance and cleanups also include plant flowers such as Pansies, Violas, Snapdragons, Alyssum, and Petunias in the fall. When spring and summer arrive, we plant Pentas, Caladiums, Victoria salvia, and Zinnia. We have access to a wide range of plants and colors to suit your tastes. We make your Metairie landscape come alive!

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Join our email list to receive great landscape tips and EXCLUSIVE offers!!!

Awesome landscape maintenance tips for maintaining a beautiful landscape in Metairie & New Orleans, LA.

Soil Testing Is Critical To Having A Beautiful Landscape and Lawn

Soil Testing Is Critical To Having A Beautiful Landscape and Lawn

Having trouble with your garden and lawn not growing like it should? Well you might need a soil test. By measuring PH levels and pinpointing nutrient deficiencies during landscape maintenance services we can add amendments to correct soil issues. 

We are here to help you have a Beautiful Lawn and Landscape in Metairie & New Orleans, LA.!!

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Landscape Consultation Metairie & New Orleans


We will meet with you and discuss your vision for your Landscaping, Drainage, Sprinkler system, Sod renovation, LED Lighting or even if you just need Professional advice, we can help. We will discuss different options to create the landscape you desire within  your budget. A quote will be provided at this time. 

If you approve our quote fee will be credited

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Landscape consulting near you in Metairie and New Orleans since 1986

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Clean Cut Landscape Co

Charlene Wetzel
Clean Cut Landscaping is extremely professional. Mr. Mario and his crew are THE BEST. Mario knows his stuff, he has extensive experience, the guys worked quickly and efficiently, they were all kind and courteous and FUN to work with.My garden looks like a magazine cover, Mario knows just the right color, texture, placement and plant choice to make your garden look exquisite. I have been nothing but impressed since I called him the first time. (and he will ALWAYS answer your phone calls personally). I can not recommend Clean Cut Landscape enough if you are looking for a job well done from inception to completion.
Naomi Orlansky

It was such a pleasure working with Mario and his team. From the first time I spoke to him about my project until the job was complete, he always responded very quickly and was responsible and attentive. When a business returns your calls, responds to text messages, and shows up when they say they will, that’s worth a lot! Even one month after the job has completed, the follow up is amazing. In addition, the new lawn looks great, along with the other improvements to the overall landscaping. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use Clean Cut Landscape!

Samantha St.Germain

Clean Cut Landscape exceeded our expectations!!!
From design expertise, attention to detail, and immeasurable knowledge to PERFECT execution- Mr. Mario and his team went above and beyond for us. We are so happy with our landscaping, garden lighting, and sprinkler system. Way to go CCLO!

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