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A Beautiful Lawn Doesn’t Happen By Itself

Get the Perfect Lawn with Healthy Soil

Are you looking for a Professional landscaping services in Metairie that specializes in grading and sod installation near you? You’ve come to the right place! With 35 years of experience and expertise, you can trust Clean Cut Landscape Coto deliver quality services to ensure your property looks its best. Grading and sod installation are critical services for both optimal drainage and appearance. If your lawn is uneven, it will tend to hold water and your grass will not flourish and be healthy. When we renovate your lawn, we remove your existing weed lawn and level ground to proper slopes. We provide healthy soil to create a  stunning lawn you can be proud of.  We install only Grade A certified Zoysia, Centipede, and St Augustine sod. 

***Drainage is always recommended for backyard installations***

Installing sod near you in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. since 1986

“The Sod Father ” prefers to only install Grade A Zoysia sod

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We will Test your Soil for Optimal Fertility

A SOIL TEST can determine the current fertility of your soil for your lawn. By measuring PH level and pinpointing nutrient deficiencies we can make adjustments to soil by adding amendments to soil prior to sod installation . Do it right once and give your new lawn the best chance to thrive. We soil test all new lawn and landscape installations.

“The Sod Father” is here to help you have a beautiful lawn in Metairie & New Orleans, LA. 

Sod Installation & Grading Metairie by “The Sod Father”

Zoysia Sod and St. Augustine Lawn Comparison

Both lawns are about 4 years old. We prefer to install Zoysia over all other lawn types.  

Hands down Zoysia is the BEST lawn. Drainage is always recommended for backyard sod installations. Installing Zoysia lawns near you in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. since 1986

Lawn Removal With Sod Cutter

Achieving a new, great -looking lawn starts with the removal of your existing lawn. We apply herbicide to kill any pre- existing weeds or lawn. Our sod cutter allows us to cut below the roots so that all your old grass can be pulled up. Proper preparation before sod installation is key to having a lush and green lawn in Metairie & New Orleans, LA.  Call the “The Sod Father” to learn more. 

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Old Lawn Is Removed To Base Soil

After sod cutting to the roots, the old lawn is scraped off until base soil layer is reached. Once this step is complete, then regrading of the yard to proper elevations can proceed before sod installation

Drainage, Grading and Zoysia Sod Installation

Check out this River Ridge backyard that was flooding. We removed existing lawn to base soil, installed a PVC drainage system, graded entire yard to proper slopes with a laser level and installed “Sod Father” certified Zoysia sod. Sod was dormant during winter but will turn beautiful green in spring. We find that fall and winter sod planting is less stressful on root systems due to cool temps. Call “The Sod Father” today to get the perfect Zoysia lawn installed in your front or backyard.

Lawn Aeration Metairie & New Orleans

Lawn Aeration should be done yearly if you want a beautiful lawn. It’s a process of poking holes in lawn soil base to help loosen compacted soil. It also help fertilizer and oxygen get to the roots system directly. We usually fertilize and spread light layer of sand during the process. Aerating lawns near you in Metairie and New Orleans since 1986. Call us now to learn more.

Certified grade A Zoysia Dormant Sod Installed

It may appear brown during off season but roots keep growing.  Lawn will turn beautifully green in the spring and that’s Guaranteed! Sod installations Metairie & New Orleans LA. since 1986

Beautiful Zoysia Sod After Coming Out Dormancy

This is what you can expect your Zoysia lawn to look like once it comes out of dormancy. It is the most beautiful low maintenance lawn on the market. Google Zoysia lawn to see all the benefits. Installing sod near you in Metairie and New Orleans since 1986.

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Zoysia, The New “Super Lawn in Metairie”

Tired of all the problems associated with St Aug sod like insect and disease issues? Well, we have the solution! 

Give Clean Cut Landscape Co. a call to get a quote on removing your old St. Aug sod and professionally installing this beautiful Zoysia lawn. Yard leveling and Sod installation near you in Metairie & New Orleans since 1986. Call “The Sod Father” now to learn more. He wants everyone to have a beautiful lawn.

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Clean Cut Landscape Co

Naomi Orlansky
It was such a pleasure working with Mario and his team. From the first time I spoke to him about my project until the job was complete, he always responded very quickly and was responsible and attentive. When a business returns your calls, responds to text messages, and shows up when they say they will, that’s worth a lot! Even one month after the job has completed, the follow up is amazing. In addition, the new lawn looks great, along with the other improvements to the overall landscaping. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use Clean Cut Landscape!
Samantha St.Germain

Clean Cut Landscape exceeded our expectations!!!
From design expertise, attention to detail, and immeasurable knowledge to PERFECT execution- Mr. Mario and his team went above and beyond for us. We are so happy with our landscaping, garden lighting, and sprinkler system. Way to go CCLO!

Charlene Wetzel

Clean Cut Landscaping is extremely professional. Mr. Mario and his crew are THE BEST. Mario knows his stuff, he has extensive experience, the guys worked quickly and efficiently, they were all kind and courteous and FUN to work with.

My garden looks like a magazine cover, Mario knows just the right color, texture, placement and plant choice to make your garden look exquisite. I have been nothing but impressed since I called him the first time. (and he will ALWAYS answer your phone calls personally). I can not recommend Clean Cut Landscape enough if you are looking for a job well done from inception to completion.

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