Zoysia and St. Augustine Comparison

Both lawns are about 4 years old. We only installed the Zoysia Lawn. 

Hands down Zoysia is the BEST lawn for the Metairie and New Orleans areas. 

****Drainage is always recommended for backyard sod installations****

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration should be done yearly if you want a beautiful lawn. It's a process of poking holes in lawn soil base to help loosen compacted soil. It also help fertilizer and oxygen get to the roots system directly. We usually fertilize and spread light layer of sand during the process.

Lawn Removal With Sod Cutter

Your existing lawn is sprayed with herbicide to kill all existing weeds and old lawn. Then we remove old lawn with sod cutter which cuts lawn below roots. To have a great lawn renovation preparation is very important. 

Old Lawn Is Removed To Base Soil

After old lawn has been sod cut to the root we then scrape old sod off till we reach base soil line.


Base Prep With Riversand to Correct Slope

Once old lawn is scraped off we come back with river sand to provide a good base for new sod and also correct any slope issues.


Grade A Zoysia Dormant Sod Installed

It may appear brown during off season but roots keep growing. We find it is less stressful on lawn during rooting process since weather is cool. Lawn will turn beautifully green in spring.

Zoysia Sod install Metairie

Beautiful Zoysia Sod After Coming Out Dormancy

This is what you can expect your Zoysia lawn to look like once it comes out of dormancy. It is the most beautiful low maintenance lawn on the market. Google Zoysia lawn to see all the benefits.

Grading And Sod Installation

Grading and sod installation are critical services for both optimal drainage and appearance. If your lawn is uneven, it will tend to hold water and your grass will not flourish. When we renovate your lawn, we remove your existing weed lawn and regrade to proper slopes. We install only Grade A certified Zoysia, Centipede, and St Augustine sod. 


Zoysia, The New "Superlawn"

Tired of all the problems associated with St Aug sod like insect and disease issues? Well, we have the solution! 

Give Clean Cut Landscape of Metairie a call to get an estimate on removing your old St. Aug sod and professionally installing this beautiful Zoysia lawn.

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