Why are my boxwoods turning brown?

Boxwoods are used extensively in formal landscapes all over Louisiana. It is a great foundation planting used around any landscape trying to create lines. It does have its share of problems like BOXWOOD BLIGHT. This disease causes foliage and branches to die back. This disease is spread from leaves to soil and onto surrounding plants. It is also spread by infected pruning equipment, rain and irrigation systems.Because it is such a new disease, fungicide treatments are limited. Fungicides may reduce chances of infection spreading but no cure is available at this time. 

We recommend watering at base of plant to keep leaves dry, removing diseased leaves, sterilizing pruning equipment and rotating fungicides to avoid resistance.

Lastly if your patience wears thin from dealing with this issue you could use Dwarf Yaupon holly. They have less issues and most importantly will give you that formal look just like the Boxwoods. If you have any questions regarding this issue or anything else please give us a call.

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