Why does my Zoysia have Brown Spots?

Zoysia sod is very durable but is slow to come out of winter dormancy as compared to St. Augustine. No need to be concerned. Zoysia grass conserves its energy until the temperatures are consistently warm, which occurs in mid to late spring. This often falls in May or early June, then grass will stay green until late October. Fertilize in April and irrigate lawn no more then 3x per week. Zoysia is very drought tolerant. 

Be on the look out for Zoysia brown patch which usually develops on lawns that are too wet. Make sure lawn areas are properly draining and MOST IMPORTANT DON’T OVER WATER. In spring we recommend that  you Aerate your lawn which helps with thatch buildup and loosens base soil to allow fertilizer to properly reach root system. 

If you suspect Lawn fungus is causing issues we recommend Scotts Lawn Fungus Control. Spread once per month especially during spring / summer.

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