Why we Don’t Use colored mulch!

Colored mulches have become very popular over the last decade. Most of the dyed mulches are made from recycled pallets and rubber. The colorants used are supposed to be non- toxic and non-hazardous to plants and animals.

Problems with colored mulch

Colored mulch has been found to slow growth of established plants. It also decomposes at a slower rate into the soil which is makes a prime breeding ground for fungus to grow underneath. We have seen this fungus attach itself to trunks and roots of shrubs. Dyed mulches also take available nitrogen out of soil, out- competing nitrogen- needy shrubs. Plants will need more fertilizer due to harmful effects of using dyed mulch. Bottom line don’t use the stuff.

Our recommendations

Always use a natural mulch like Grade A cypress or Pine needle mulch. It is also a good practice to always rake out all old mulch yearly and spread fresh layer.  NEVER buy your mulch from a box store, because all of it is trash. Your local garden center will have the right mulch. Hopefully this helps everyone make the right choice for mulching.

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